Scheme of Assessment

The objective of the Assessment Scheme is to evaluate the learner in a holistic manner so that latent competencies are reflected appropriately in their report. It would also help in identifying the positive attributes and encouraging them rather then identifying what they are not capable of.

Our new approach of observing a child´s progress based on the regular performance of the child gives more supportive learning environment to do well in pre-primary classes-Play group, Nursery, L.K.G. and U.K.G.

For class I & II, the assessment will be made in two terms during the year. Each term will comprise with two class tests.


1. It is compulsory for the students to complete 80% of their attendance in the year to make them eligible for promotion to the next class.

2. In case of absence, the leave application, duly signed should be sent to the Principal or class teacher either on the same day or next day invariably.

3. A child returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce a Doctor´s certificate permitting him/her to rejoin the school.

Quarantine Period before returning from Disease
Chicken Pox - Till complete falling of scabs.
Measles - 2 weeks after the rash disappear
Mumps - about one month.
Conjunctivities - As per Doctor´s advice.

The school runs on web version software to enable parents to access about their ward. Parents have been provided with a unique login ID for the same. Information regarding student´s progress, attendance, fees, achievements, student´s circulars, assignments, transport, Assessment, etc. can be viewed through the portal.

Parent Teacher Interaction

We work hand in hand with our parents by holding regular interaction with the parents and value their participation and support in all endeavors. True educations seeks continuum between the efforts made by child, the parents and the school. Parent-Teacher´s meetings are held at regular intervals to discuss the progress of the students. The parents are advised to meet all the subject teachers on every PTM day and make suggestions, remarks / complaints in writing.

Note - The students should accompany their parents in school uniform whenever they come for PTM.