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´Teachers hold their students´ hand for a short while, but their hearts for ever.´ Children have unique needs and capabilities . A well designed environment is important in early childhood programme. It´s child´s third teacher.

At GGS, kids are nurtured under the tender care of mother teacher till UKG. This concept helps in:-

  1. Understanding the child and developing an emotional bond between the learner and teacher.
  2. Helps in better insight to various developmental stages of the child, especially cognitive and emotional.
  3. Both the learner and teacher spend more time with each other and the teacher personally knows the areas of concern.
  4. Academically it gives time for the child to remain abreast with his peers.
  5. It gives a sense of satisfaction to the teacher, at the end of the session, on accomplishing the set targets as per the potential of the child and helping in the positive growth graph of each student.

Play Group

Play group period of transition from home to school through play , creative corner . Learning is the best through play activities like games , songs , gardening , dramatic play , puppets , theme based learning .Play group education has been designed and conceived by our highly experienced Montessori trained teachers. The child learns to discover, explore and experiment in a stimulating and conducive environment.

Nursery and Kindergarten

Our focus at the pre-primary level is to make the transition between the secure home environment and formal schooling, interesting and as smooth as possible for the child. Emphasis is on nurturing the child´ imagination, creativity and providing him opportunities to express himself freely. Activities , locomotor movements , rhymes , songs , concepts , serration figures , puppets theatre , touch trays , reasoning puzzles , story cards , abacus , maze make the child ready for formal education . We lay stress upon developing basic language skills with the help of phonetics and conversation. A sound knowledge of phonetics helps the child to build spellings independently. It is a method of creating an environment which fosters the fulfilment of their highest potential. Various celebrations in the school and round-the-year activities allow self-expression, experimentation and questioning; thereby developing a scientific temper. There is a perfect balance of active and quiet activities, structured, besides the free-play activities.

Classes I TO II

A child´s mind is like wet clay and needs to be handled with care. Keeping this in mind, we at GGS provide an encouraging and loving atmosphere, fused with a lot of fun, so that students shed their inhibitions and learn with a free mind. The methodology that we use to teach the students of classes 1 & 2 is activity based, which involves a lot of co-curricular activities which assist the children in comprehending and retaining the concept in a better way. The curriculum planned focuses more on depth and is progressive and flexible in its approach and is adjusted according to the learner´s need. The children are given activity based assignments to check the retention of the concepts taught. At this level we emphasise more on experiential learning. Our aim is to prepare the children to read, write and do mathematics. We also promote self control and inner discipline in children through appropriate interaction.