Childrens day

Childrens Day is celebrated across India to increase awareness of the rights, care and education of children.

Summer Camp

Summer camp is a special type of community where kids come together to have fun.

Dandia Celebration

Raas or Dandiya Raas is the socio-religious folk dance originating from Indian state of Gujarat

Diwali Celebration

Diwali is the Festival of Lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world.

Independence Day

On August 15, 1947, India got its freedom, ending an almost 200-year British rule.

Republic Day Celebration

GGS had a virtual Republic Day celebration with their students and they did great and enjoyed it a lot.


Our Glorians celebrated 'Basant Panchami ' today. They attend the online celebration in yellow attire, a colour of spirituality as it signifies bright yellow sunshine, brilliance of nature and the vibrancy of life.


Education does not stop you from making mistakes but it inspires you to take lessons from your mistakes. May you all get success in whatever you do in the future. The dedication you showed throughout this year is unimaginable.

World Health Day 2022

The day is focused on what more needs to be done to create healthier communities with more equitable access to health.

Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022, is celebrated annually on April 22 to spread awareness about environmental protection and acknowledge the global climate crisis. This day is celebrated to make people aware of how they can be an advantage in saving the Earth from pollution,


Red colour symbolizes enthusiasm, life and vitality. The day started off with the colour red every- where red dress, red rose, red teddy, red car, red apples, red cherries.


It was a day of Fun with Shapes. The ability to accurately identify shapes is a foundational mathematical skill, and it is quite rewarding for children because their world is full of shapes.


Practical life skills - JUICY FUN Little Glorians of Playgroup enjoyed participating in juicy fun activity to develop their practical life skills and continue to work on becoming an independent child.


Having fun with our friends are the best therapy we need. With the great excitement little Glorians entered to the Glory cinema & enjoyed movie show in the school.

Earth Day Celebration - UKG

Children of class UKG celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April .Students Learnt values of conservation, respecting nature and benefits of reduce, reuse and recycle.


Every year, Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April at GGS to remind the students of their duties towards ‘Mother Nature.’ As a part of environmental education, "Go- Green".


Children are vulnerable to infection & proper hygiene plays a vital role when it comes to good health. Demonstration on Hand Wash was conducted for the students of Class UKG.

Dabbing Day -Nursery

A Fun Day With colours!!!! Little Glorians of class Nursery enjoyed doing dabbing activity on fish. Dabbing on fish with vibrant colours !!!!

Balloon Bonanza PG

BALLOON BONAZA Our Tiny tots of Playgroup were pumped up seeing the class decorated with colourful balloons where children enjoyed playing with balloons and learnt Colours with their friends.

Alphabet Sorting Writeup and Photos - UKG

Alphabet Sorting is a fun and engaging handson literacy activity .It helps them learn and recognise letters. Learning the letter sound first and then the letter name are important for reading and writing development.

All About Me - UKG

Full on interaction session was conducted by the teachers.The goal behind the activity was to help children to learn about themselves..


Children enjoyed last day of class to the fullest, performing the fun activities in class along with frooti and chips. The little ones wished their friends bye with the brightest smile.


Little Glorians of classes Playgroup and Nursery enjoyed sharing and playing with their toys in TOY PARTY activity.The best way to interact with peer mates by learning to share.


Little Glorians of classes Playgroup and Nursery enjoyed listening Story of "The Lion and The Mouse" in a different way with the message to love animals on this Earth Day!!


Playing in the sand is a super-tactile, full-body experience for children as it gives them wonderful opportunities for fun, boost fine motors, being creative, sharing and sensory input.


Children love to count. Number sequencing (1-10) Activity helps to gain a greater understanding of what each number represents numerically, and make counting from 1-10 a breeze.


A GREAT FUN WATCHING FAVOURITE CARTOON SHOW TOGETHER WITH CLASSMATES....." The Noddy Show " was enjoyed by little glorians with their friends along with crunchy popcorns and their favourite lollipops.

Apple Donut Day - NUR

Nursery children enjoyed APPLE DONUT ACTIVITY with full enthusiasm . Children happily decorated their Donuts and enjoyed having it with their friends..

Arranging School Bag

This lesson highlights how to enable students to pack their school bags by themselves through demonstration by teachers , thus making it a group activity ,with attention to all learners.

Banana Treat PG

To make our little glorians learn about the fruit banana..they were indulged in making banana popsicle by dipping the frozen banana stick in chocolate.

Body Care Week PG

To make our little glorians aware about the cleanliness of our body,our hair...a demo with a story telling session was done.

Fruit Week Celebration - LKG

With an objective to educate children about the importance and consumption of fruits in the regular diet, our tiny tots of LKG celebrated "Fruit - Week"(18th - 22nd July 2022)

Green Day - LKG

The Colour Green which represents prosperity and fertility was celebrated by LKG kids as green day on 25th July 2022. Children were taught about the importance of the colour.

Lemonade Day UKG

A *fun-activity* of preparing *Lemonade* was organised by the Teachers of UKG thus naming it **Lemonade Day* Hurry, hurry Your lemonade is ready Have a sip Smack your lips.

Mango Fiesta PG

Nothing beats the summer heat better than the sumptuous sight of mangoes all around. To give the kids an opportunity of experiential learning.

Me & My Family Puppet Show PG

Puppet play (Me and My Family) is a fun way for children that helps in their growth in many ways like it support oral language skills.

Mini Kitchen Garden - PG

Our little learners of Playgroup had lot of fun in gardening activity.

My Family My World UKG

Family is the most precious thing that anyone can have. A wonderful activity was conducted for UKG kids where children practice by talking about different members of the family.

Potato Fun

POTATO FUN DAY was conducted for PLAYGROUP wherein kids enjoyed their favourite french fries.

Watermelon Treat - PG

A fun way to teach fruit Watermelon with Watermelon pizza with delicious toppings of grapes and cheese.

Yellow Day - LKG

With an objective to recapitulate and reinforce the effects of yellow colour, LKG wing celebrated “Yellow day” on 15th July 2022.


GREEN DAY was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm in Playgroup. The kids bought green eatables and were wearing pretty green attires.


Me And My Sweet Home models of different rooms of house were presented for the kids of UKG ,where children could relate it to their own house .Hence it became very interesting for the kids and they participated actively.

Rakhi Making Activity - UKG

Rakhi Making activity was conducted for UKG kids where the little hands decorated Rakhis. Happiness could be seen on their cute faces.

Rakhi Celebration - UKG

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most endearing ways to celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters . Gwalior Glory believes that such celebrations of festivals with true spirit teach students about our Indian traditions.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration - Nur

Raksha Bandhan, is not just a festival.. it is a beautiful bond of trust, love and responsibility forever" Little Glorians prepared beautiful handmade Rakhis celebrated the festivals by learning all rituals with great fun and zeal.

Independence Day - Nur

Freedom in mind, Faith in our heart, Memories in our souls. Little Glorians saluted the Nation on Independence Day and celebrated with great enthusiasm. Jai hind! Jai Bharat!

Blue Week Activity- Nur

Little Glorians of Class Nursery enjoyed learning Blue colour throughout the BLUE WEEK followed by Blue Day with various creative activities and paper boat sailing fun. BLUE IS DOLPHIN! BLUE IS THE SEA!!! BLUE IS THE BEAUTIFUL PEACOCK DANCING WITH ME.

Vegetable Salad - A Treat - LKG

Eat healthy Live healthy little Glorians had a blast! with vegetable treat. Teachers shown fresh raw eaten vegetables and gave demontration on Salad decoration.The objective of this day was to encourage children to add vegetables in their daily meals.

Rakhi Making Activity - LKG

Our little artists decorate their rakhis with rice. The smiley happy faces spread a wonderful fragrance of festival. The activity familiarized the kids with the customs and rituals of this festival.

Rakshabandhan Celebration - LKG

With great enthusiasm our little Glorians celebrated this festival with their friends and teachers. Teachers gave demonstration on the rituals and importance of this festival.

Independence day & Janmashtami Celebration UKG

Independence Day & Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with great Pomp and Show by the tiny-tots of UKG. The blend of Patriotism & Festivity enthralled the whole atmosphere.

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration UKG

To seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha, Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated with great pomp and show by the students of UKG at Gwalior Glory School.

Hindi Recitation Competition UKG

In search of talented little poets, Hindi Recitation Competition was organised for our UKG Glorians. Children participated with great fondness and zeal .

Jungle Safari UKG

Glorians of UKG had a Jungle Safari in the school campus .The adventure was organised by the teachers to create awareness about the theme “Save wildlife”.

Card Making Class -I & II

15 August 2022 Cl_I-II

Rakhi Celebration Cl_I-II

Doha & Shlok Class I-II

Ice Day Class I-II

Van Mahotsav

Charity Class I-II

Ganesh Chaturthi Class I-II

Teachers Day


UKG Cleanliness Drive 2022

The motto of the drive was to indulge an awareness about the values of Cleanliness, Discipline & Respect for the environment .

English Recitation Competition - UKG

Recitation activities help students to build confidence as they learn to speak more accurately and persuasively about any piece of writing. Keeping this in mind, English Recitation Competition was held for class UKG

Bounce and Catch the Ball LKG

English Recitation Competition - LKG

Fun with Number LKG

Garba Celebration - UKG

Navratri festival was celebrated by playing Dandiya and Garba in GGS campus. The students were attired in traditional dresses which added to the festive mood.

Dussehra Celebration-UKG

Gloriansof our UKG wing have celebrated Dussehra by performing a role play on the greatest epic “The Ramayan".